Thursday, November 20, 2008

Geography Awareness Week: Do you know "Beantown"?

If you regularly visit another of my other blogs (100 Years in America), you may know that I've been focusing this week on bringing readers' attention to the geography of our great big world this Geography Awareness Week (November 16-22, 2008). I have started there with the places that were important to the Hungarian and Croatian branches of my family.

Thus far, I have posted geography quizzes at 100 Years in America on:

Hungary prior to 1918 along with historic Austria-Hungary
New York City (where many of my immigrant ancestors settled)

Here at A light that shines again, the focus is on the Boston Irish side of my family. How's your knowledge of "Beantown", the unofficial "capital of New England"?

Test yourself with the following quizzes:

Boston quiz

Historics landmarks of Boston quiz

Also want to test your knowledge of the geography of Ireland? Make a visit to Small-leaved Shamrock to quiz yourself on Ireland's cities, counties and national parks.

The photograph of Boston shows its Back Bay neighborhood along the Charles River.


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