Thursday, February 14, 2008

What the "matchmaker" wrought

I've been enjoying the Irish Family History blog's Valentine focus this week. I was interested to learn that I'd done four unlucky things the day of my own wedding (I'm so glad I had two lucky ones on the list!). I've also enjoyed the posts on matchmaking and Irish weddings.

In honor of St. Valentine's Day today I thought I would remember some of the married couples in the Tierney/McCue family tree whose wedding dates I know (and some I don't).

Here's to all the loving couples in this extended family (several generations back). Without them there would be no family tree!

Michael & Mary (O'Neill) Tierney

Ralph & Bridget Kennedy

Frank & Catherine (Rogers) McCue

Patrick & Catherine (Kennedy) Tierney
Married August 16, 1874 at St. Stephen Catholic Church, Hanover Street, Boston, MA

George William & Margaret Helen (Tierney) McCue
Married October 11, 1911 at St. John Baptist Catholic Parochial Residence, Quincy, MA

John P. & Adeline (Sullivan) Tierney
Married in Oakland, California

Leo & Margaret (Wuerth) Tierney

Valentine image thanks to raggyann2 and eBay Forums.

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