Friday, January 18, 2008

A round-up of Tierney family history resources

If you are a Tierney and you have a link to the family that I've written about here at A Light That Shines Again, I would love to hear from you!

Even if you haven't found such a connection, if you have Tierney (Ó Tighearnaigh) ancestry, chances are we are related in some way - although it might a very-very-distant-cousin kind of relationship (there were three main septs of the name in ancient Ireland, according to Irish Names and Surnames by Patrick Woulfe).

If you have a Tierney connection, or are interested in all things Tierney, you may find the following resources helpful.

Want to get a nice overview of the history of the Tierney surname, learn more about the family's coat of arms, learn about distinguished Tierney family members and more? Check out the official website of the Tierney Clans Society. Their stated goal is to "safeguard the heritage of Tierney descendants worldwide through research and education". Now that's a goal that I would like to support! The society is open to all that can show that they have Tierney ancestry. The good information on the website, however, is available to all visitors - Tierney descendant and member of the society or just plain interested websurfer.

While you are visiting the Tierney Clans Society website, you may want to stop by the Tierney Clans Society Y-DNA project info webpage. As I discussed in my posts Mr. Tierney, I presume? and Where Science Meets Family History, DNA testing is the newest source for information about family history. Not only is it new, but it is unique in the information that it can provide for those researching their heritage and the history of a particular surname or family line. The link to the actual project for the Tierney surname is located at the Family Tree DNA Tierney Clans Society Y-DNA project webpage. If you'd like more information about genetic genealogy in general, including the most up to date news about the subject, check out Blaine Bettinger's informative blog The Genetic Genealogist.

Wanting to get in touch with other Tierney family descendants and researchers? The following message boards might be a good place to start:

The Tierney Clans Society also holds regular clan rallies on both sides of the Atlantic that would be a great place to meet distant cousins.

Want to do some Tierney family research online?

Here are a few sites that you might find helpful:
If you are a Tierney and have some other good suggestions for sources of all things Tierney, please contact me and let me know.

In the meantime, I hope that this post has given you inspiration and practical suggestions on how to begin to search for your Tierney family tree and also to help the Tierney Clans Society to complete their goal: to safeguard the heritage of the Tierney family.

I'm doing my part. How about you?

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